15. June 2018 Dr. A. Schröer / S. Niehues / S. Meyer zu Natrup FUNCTIONAL

Pleasant Days at SurfaceTechnology Germany

We would like to thank all those who visited our booth and our many colleagues from the industry for the enjoyable and lively SurfaceTechnology Germany trade fair in Stuttgart.

18. January 2021 Architecture

New Powder Gun System Installed

Earlier this year, we renewed the powder gun system on our vertical coating line and modernized the automation controller.

18. January 2018 S. Meyer zu Natrup / D. Stork DECORATIVE

EUROGUSS 2018 well attended

Today we´ve closed successfully the EUROGUSS 2018 - International die cast trade fair. The number of visitors were the same impressive as the great conversations we had with you.

18. January 2021 Architecture

Eloxal Color Matching Is in Strong Demand

Eloxal color matching with premium powder coating offers many advantages - as the strong market demand illustrates. Special powders provide a particularly graceful, deep matt and noble appearance of your surfaces.

18. January 2021 Automotive

Automotive Mirror Holder/Handles

How do you achieve optimum lacquer adhesion and an optically perfect surface when coating cast parts? Especially with mirror holders and handles for the automotive industry?

18. January 2021 Decorative

Drive and Locking Systems

Coating of pipe systems that run into each other; good sliding properties, low wear tracks, avoiding creaking noises - is all this doable?