Not just preserving external value

Robust and value-preserving effects - they determine the architectural surfaces of today; at the same time, they underline the individual character of a building. End customers want certainty with regard to the finishing of the materials. Repairs or intensive cleaning can result in substantial costs. Warranties will provide security here.

Whether it's delicate profiles that mimic an all-glass facade, or large-volume post / transom constructions: together, we will find the right solution for you. Customer-tailored powder coating systems, combined with our coating know-how, guarantee a value-enhancing surface. Different powder coatings provide complex, individual, and effective coloring. Using different structures, the surfaces can be adapted to the environment and the building structure.

Our customized project solutions offer you the security of consistently high and reproducible quality. Because of our love of nature, we use environmentally friendly powder coatings and low cleaning intervals. These methods lower operating and ancillary costs and reduce the environmental impact. You see, HILLEBRAND COATING also sets "Green Solution" standards.


Prepared for Each Request


In architecture, Hillebrand Coating is an established provider of the highest quality at competitive prices. The company has met the quality requirements of GSB International for many years, and was awarded the Master label as a result.

Through the use of high-quality coating powders from renowned powder coating manufacturers, we can meet the coating requirements for facade structures reliably - even in special cases.

When, for instance, it’s about increased corrosion requirements in sea areas, we cooperate with partner companies and use a pre-anodizing process to prevent filiform corrosion. As "Approved Applicator" we can meet the demands of the UK market with extended warranties. Here, the company complies with BS EN 12206.

In regions with extreme climatic conditions, highly weather-resistant powder coatings are applied. This special treatment protects the surface, because it is more resistant to weathering. In this case, a convincing aesthetic coating is coupled with the extended value of the surface. We round off our 'worry-free package "in architecture by adding services such as special packaging or foiling of profiles.

We give you a 10-year warranty on our aluminum profile coatings! This warranty is insured and free of charge for you.


GSB Iternational Master Approved Coated Aluminium

Approved Applier EN 12206-1

RAL 7016

Why our coatings are so crucial to the architecture sector ...

RAL7016 - a commonly used shade in the architectural sector. It is characterized by a four-digit number. But does this number precisely designate the desired result?

For 25 years now, Hillebrand Coating has been coating for the construction industry. In addition to the different qualities and functional properties of the surfaces, we also know about the different optical effects of color shades - even for RAL7016. Depending on weather class, gloss level, structural or metallic additives, there are many different representations. There’s also a strikingly different appearance of powder coatings from different manufacturers, which in most cases is caused by the differences in the coating method. Hillebrand Coating is an important link between our customers and the manufacturers of powder coatings. We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable powder coating systems for your individual requirements. If reproducibility of a color shade is required, please contact us - we also offer solutions for this.

Which test panel is RAL7016?
Coated in RAL 7016 with powder coatings from four manufacturers in various structures, gloss levels, available with and without metallic effects.

RAL7016 Hillebrand Coating

HC individual - Customized solutions for ARCHITECTURE sector


What does HC Individual represent? It translates into customer-oriented advice throughout the entire product life cycle. It stands for individual attention from the first contact right through to various consultations. It’s about providing you with consistent and comprehensive support throughout the process of surface coating your components. With HC Individual, we at Hillebrand promise you a coating solution that is tailored to your needs.

Below you can inspect the HC individual model ARCHITECTURE.

  • Assessing the situation
  • Understanding the situation - What happens here?
  • Climatic requirements
    Clarification of requirements
  • Legal requirements
  • Structural requirements
  • Warranty requirements
  • Standards for particular markets (e.g. British Standard)
  • Coordination of powder coating systems
    Value-Enhancing Effects
  • Optimising the supply chain
  • Assessment of other usable services
  • Packaging optimization
  • Approach development
  • Setting task limitation
  • Evaluating manufacturability through cross section drawings
  • Sample provision concepts
    Sample Provision
  • Manufacture of samples
  • Presentation to the customer
  • Customer testing phase
  • Test result evaluation
  • Optimization, provision of new samples
    Pre Mass Production Concept
  • Feasibility study
  • Risk assessment
  • Analysis of drawings
    Pre-production Stage
  • Transfer to mass production
  • Initial sample provision
  • Process audits / process approval
  • Application testing
  • Application facility
  • Quality assurance
  • Staff training
  • Customer briefing
Beratung und Auslegung

Liebe auf den ersten Blick

In immer mehr Bereichen ist heute auch bei Kunststoffen ein hochwertiges, edles Erscheinungsbild gefragt – das Auge kauft mit.


Liebe auf den ersten Blick

In immer mehr Bereichen ist heute auch bei Kunststoffen ein hochwertiges, edles Erscheinungsbild gefragt – das Auge kauft mit.


Our Experience Means Economical Precision

Since early 2017 Hillebrand Coating has changed the pretreatment for aluminum profiles in the business sector architecture to a chromium-free no-rinse process. This environmentally friendly pretreatment method is based on a titanium-polymer complex. Thus, we meet the requirements for the certification of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

The 5 years of outdoor exposure required for compliance with BS EN 12206 and DIN EN 12206 are met and exceeded. Currently, there are weathered samples in the tenth year, and they still meet all the testing criteria. These results are confirmed not only by the chemical manufacturer of the pretreatment baths, but also by the GSB Internationl.

Consequently, we were the first and only German facade coating company to receive permission to launch a chrome-free pretreatment for the UK market. We also meet the requirements of BS EN 12206. This way, we can perfectly combine corrosion protection with our love of nature.

More Services, More Value

Hillebrand Coating is more than just a surface finishing company. Because more and more companies want a partner who provides everything from a single source. Therefore, we offer a customized service, perfect surface finishings, viable processes and activities along the value chain and outstanding quality.

We tailor everything to your needs. Depending on your individual requirements and needs, we put together a perfect service for you. Using an EDI connection, we link to your computer system, ordering the materials as required, coating and 100% control of the required amounts, assembly, packaging and labeling of products and assemblies.


Your contact person

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your next project or do you have any questions for us? We are always available and look forward to talking to you. Please get in touch with Mr Brinkmann.

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