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With our expertise, we support you in the multifunctional surfaces sector. Together, we will develop effective coating solutions. This way, all the necessary requirements are met, while at the same time, industrial mass production provides an economically viable option. You can benefit from our vast experience and competent professional assistance when solving material science and, in particular, tribological issues.

Coating Technologies Functional Coating

  • Dry Lubrication
  • Anti-Friction Coatings
  • Wear Protection
Corrosion Protection
  • Zn-Phosphating
  • Zinc Flake Coating
  • Combination Layers
NFC® Nano Functional Coating
  • Nano Layer Structure
  • Advanced Functional Properties
  • Protection against contact corrosion
Functional Powder Coating
  • Powder coatings with functional properties
  • non-sticking, temperature resistant, electrical isolating

Dry Lubrication - Anti-Friction Coatings

Anti-friction coatings: A friction and wear-reducing alternative for demanding lubrication problems in tribology. They improve finishing processes, protect against surface damage and prevent cold welding. Anti-friction coatings support the flow process when molding, prevent back-gliding during oscillating slow motions and increase energy efficiency.

Solid lubricants are incorporated as the active lubricating substance in the coating material. After a suitable pretreatment, an adhesive, dry lubricant film is applied with high efficiency. Using a variety of specific processes, this film meets, among others, the highest standards in the following areas:

  • Friction reduction
  • Increased service life (wear protection)
  • Safety properties
  • Reduction of creaking sounds
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Oil and fuel resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistance (-180 ° C to + 600 ° C)
  • High cost savings

Where Are Anti-Friction Coatings Applied?

  • When clean lubrication is required. Rejection of dirt and dust.
  • When maintenance-free permanent lubrication must be achieved. In many cases, lifetime lubrication
  • When temporary lifespan durability of the dry lubricant film is required with simultaneous oil or grease lubrication. Leveling effect in the finishing phase.
  • When one-time exposure of a secure part must be guaranteed.
  • When a task division of the lubricating substance is required in the tribological system, for example, because the additive quantity is limited for environmental or occupational hygiene reasons.

Dr. Achim Schröer Hillebrand Coating

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Corrosion Protection Layers: Protect What Needs to Be Protected

We love nature but it can damage certain materials quite a bit. HILLEBRAND protects what needs to be protected against corrosion. From simple transport protection to highly resistant protective systems for automotive and wind power technologies: TriboCoating corrosion protection layers can be used in many ways - without compromising the functionality.


Zn phosphating can successfully be used as temporary corrosion protection, to improve paint adhesion or as a remodelling aid. Additional oiling improves the performance of the corrosion protection and enhances the sliding properties. We cover light and heavy layer phosphating, along with the special process, Endurion. Components can be treated as bulk or on racks.

The procedure is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 12476. The Zn phosphating is the basis for building durable HILLEBRAND surface coatings

Zinc Flake Coating
Environmental influences such as moisture, salts, and temperature lead to corrosion damage on exposed parts. To protect steel surfaces in the long term, HILLEBRAND uses cathodically protective coating systems.

The concept of cathodic protection is implemented by the application of base metals. Base metals such as zinc act as a sacrificial anode and preferably dissolve when subject to corrosion. The coated steel material is thereby protected in the long term.

The use of zinc flake coatings allows us to achieve high corrosion protection benefits (> 720 hours in salt spray test) with low layer thicknesses (5-20 µm). This way, the dimensional accuracy of components is maintained, eliminating costly rework. By applying additional dry lubricant-containing topcoats, specific coefficients of friction can be curtailed.

Unlike galvanic deposition, zinc flake coating is a non-electrolytic deposition method. The formation of hydrogen and the related risk of brittle fracture when using high-strength materials are no longer an issue. Both as a cost-effective mass coating process as well as for use on racks for larger and more complex components, TriboCoating® can represent a suitable coating concept.

Dr. Achim Schröer Hillebrand Coating

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Dr. Achim Schröer
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NFC® Nano Functional Coating

Variable in Advance: Nano-Coating Systems

The nano-layer systems derived from the Sol-Gel process, can be functionalized (eg, hydrophobic, oleophobic, high temperature resistance, corrosion protection) or adjusted by the addition of nanoparticles for specific additional properties, for example, for scratch resistance.

This variability in characteristics makes it possible to break new ground and develop current and future applications as well:

  • No chromate
  • Very good adhesion to non-ferrous metals
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Protection against contact corrosion
  • Layer thicknesses of 3-10 µm
  • Transparent and pigmented
  • Resistant to mechanical damage
  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • Temperature resistance (sometimes up to 700 ° C)
  • Water and oil repellent
  • Easy-to-clean properties

Even with unfavorable material combinations we can achieve, using TriboCoating®-layer systems, the right combination of optimum corrosion protection and the required functionality in the final assembled component.

Dr. Achim Schröer Hillebrand Coating

Your contact person:
Dr. Achim Schröer
graduate chemist
tel  +49 2377 8010
mobile  +49 175 4045862


Functional powder coatings

In addition to our functional bulk material and high-volume coatings of precision components, we offer a wide range of functionalizations across our entire powder coating segment. Due to the powerful combination of special powder coating systems and coordinated pre-treatment, a wide variety of effects can be displayed in an economically and environmentally conscious fashion.

  • Lubricious powder coatings
  • Chemical-resistant qualities
  • Powder coating systems with high corrosion protection
  • Stick and heat resistance
  • Electric insulation
  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Powder coating systems that increase scratch resistance
  • Powder coating systems that reduce surface temperature
  • Particularly ductile qualities
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Applications For Functional Coatings

More and more companies no longer want to get a service provider for each task . Instead, they want a partner who provides everything from a single source. HILLEBRAND has therefore long been more than just a surface finishing provider. Besides perfect surface finishing, we deliver many processes and activities along the value chain. If you wish, you can access the desired number "just-in-time" boasting the high quality we are renowned for.

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Application Seat Mechanism
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Application Seat Mechanism Coating technology:

On car seats your find some areas where friction coatings are used. These include adjustment mechanisms or seat locks for the removal of the entire seat unit. In all cases, a low friction value, no perceptible noise in the operation and while driving, as well as a grease-free lubrication are needed here. TriboCoating®-friction coatings are therefore already a standard feature in some models.

Application Steering Column Coating technology:

The steering column as the link between the steering wheel and steering gear is an important safety component. In a head-on collision, the steering column recedes in a pre-defined manner and protects the driver from additional injuries. The parameters for this mechanism are precisely defined - a crucial component of these parameters is the friction value between the surfaces moving against each other in the accident. Bonded coatings offer a stable friction value here, which is virtually independent of the outside temperature, and thus acts as a security-enhancing function. A smoother operation of the steering control is often a welcome by-product of TriboCoating® surfaces.

Application Panoramic Sunroof Coating technology:
+ Corrosion protection

Large sunroofs are very popular among customers, especially outside Europe. Customers expect - apart from the spatial and visual perception - a uniform and sufficiently silent opening and closing mechanism. In the testing phase of a new generation sunroof, it became apparent that sand particles subsequently produced unpleasant scratching noises during operation. A customized combination layer featuring a cathodic protection (ZnFe) and a special anti-friction lacquer proved to be the solution here once again.

Application bonnet lock Coating technology:
+  Corrosion protection +  NFC® Nano Functional Coating

Bonnet locks are mounted on a very exposed position on the vehicle. High temperatures, maximum corrosive exposure, permanent erosion by salt residues, abrasion and moisture severely wear and test functional components. The actual functionality of bonnet locks must remain unimpaired. A layer combining a high-quality corrosion protection system (ZnNi) and a solid film lubricant has emerged as the technical solution here. The total coating system is provided entirely by TriboCoating®.

In the course of the overall concept it transpired that stainless steel springs are suitable for use here. Stainless steel combined with less precious materials such as steel or galvanized surfaces tends to produce a particularly unfavourable corrosion phenomenon - contact corrosion. Contact corrosion occurs whenever electrochemically noble materials, that are combined with non-precious materials, are installed. An insulating and scratch-resistant nano-coating (Nano functional coating) has provided the solution here.

Application Side Door Lock Coating technolgy:

Side door locks are subject to heavy wear when driving. Manufacturers must ensure the durability and proper functioning. At very low temperatures or even in desert climates - in corrosive conditions - it must be possible to open side door locks with a defined actuation force. Heavy-duty anti-friction coatings provide an ideal, proven solution for this issue. Virtually unaffected by temperatures, constant friction values are achieved on the closing mechanisms thus contributing to the proposed system life. With TriboCoating® different bonded coatings for series production are available to suit the design of the locking system.

Application Trunk Lock Coating technolgy:
+  Corrosion protection

Trunk locks are mounted on a very exposed part of the vehicle. High temperatures, maximum corrosive exposure, permanent erosion by salt residues, abrasion, and moisture impact heavily on the functional components. Trunk locks must function and remain unimpaired. A layer combination of a high-quality corrosion protection system (ZnNi) and a solid film lubricant emerged as the technical solution here. TriboCoating® offers the complete coating system.

Application Live Rail Coating technology: Functional Powder Coating

If an application requires an electrical insulation for wires and live rails, we recommend an epoxy powder coating. HCT-Isogreen-1000 is suitable for electrostatic spray application. The products boast good resistance against heat, chemicals, and moisture. The edge coverage, even on sharp edges, is excellent. The layer thickness distribution is considerably more homogeneous than in the whirl sintering process. The spraying process facilitates pre-defined masking of lacquer-free areas. The layer thicknesses in insulation are usually in the range of> 200 microns.


HC individual - Customized solutions for FUNCTIONAL sector


What does HC Individual represent? It translates into personal advice throughout the entire product life cycle. It stands for individual attention from the first contact right through to various consultations. With HC Individual, we at Hillebrand Coating promise you a coating solution that is tailored to your needs and offers economic advantages.

Below, you will find HC Individual model for the business sector FUNCTIONAL.

    System Analysis
  • Assessing the task
  • Evaluation of the collective load
  • Materials in the construction
  • Understanding the system - What happens here?
  • Approach development
  • Setting task limitations,
    Clarifying secondary conditions
  • Sampling provision concept
    Sampling Provision
  • Coating of sample components
  • Customer testing phase
  • Test result evaluation
  • Optimization, provision of new samples
    Pre Mass Production Concept
  • Feasibility study
  • Risk assessment
  • Analysis of drawings
  • Transfer to mass production
  • Initial sampling
  • Process audits / process approval
  • Application testing
  • Application facility
  • Framework construction
  • Quality assurance
  • Staff training
  • Customer briefing

Our Experience Means Economical Precision

Production orders are carried out on fully automatic coating systems. For the coating of bulk parts, dip spin centrifuges and both the horizontal and vertical technologies are available. Depending on requirements and the component shape, we select the appropriate method. Bulk coating takes place using a precision component lacquering robot system with integrated continuous furnace for a high-repeatability and uniform coating profile. The coating concepts are designed for automotive requirements.


More Services, More Value

Hillebrand Coating is more than just a surface finishing company. Because more and more companies want a partner who provides everything from a single source. Therefore, we offer a customized service, perfect surface finishings, viable processes and activities along the value chain and outstanding quality.

We tailor everything to your needs. Depending on your individual requirements and needs, we put together a perfect service for you. Using an EDI connection, we link to your computer system, ordering the materials as required, coating and zero error control of the required amounts, assembly, packing and labeling of products and assemblies.


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