03. October 2017 S. Meyer zu Natrup

Automotive Mirror Holder/Handles

How do you achieve optimum lacquer adhesion and an optically perfect surface when coating cast parts? Especially with mirror holders and handles for the automotive industry?

Hillebrand Coating has taken on this task. A conventional powder coating was not possible in this case. Because of the existence large pores in the material, lacquer defects can occur during the application. Instead, we have applied our special CPC technology (Casting Powder Coating).

This works as follows: First, we apply a chromium-free pretreatment to all aluminum, magnesium and zinc diecasts. This dissolves almost all release agents from the castings but doesn’t stain the parts. Finally, the cast parts are provided with a special hybrid powder coating. This special coating evens out all bubbles, degasing and other surface blemishes completely. The result: an ultra-smooth, well-leveled and diecast-anchored powder coating layer.

Only one layer provides a thickness of 70 .mu.m which increases the stone chip and corrosion resistance of the coated part many times over. With Hillebrand Coating’s CPC both high-gloss and dull matt surfaces can be produced in large batches.

CPC layers are multi-colored protective coatings on metals with high scratch and corrosion resistance. In the automotive industry, particularly valve covers, recessed handles and mirror bases are coated that way. The reasons: High corrosion resistance and good anchorage of powder coating and metal hybrid powder coatings. This excellent leveling of the rough casting surfaces forms the foundation when creating visually demanding original vehicle coatings. But the CPC technique also finds application in the field of housing and plant engineering, instrumentation, decorative parts of the awning industry, medical technology, and the lamp industry.

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CPC® Casting Powder Coating

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