Surfaces with Depth Effect

Speed, power, aesthetics - cars have a powerful, emotional impact on their owners. This is partly due to the fascinating, high-quality, attractive, and smooth surfaces.

As a surface finisher in the premium segment of the automotive supply industry, HILLEBRAND COATING is your point of contact - for both, standard coating tasks and customer-specific requirements. We refine both interior and exterior parts of the automobile with the very latest lacquer systems, including panels, moldings, window guides, curbs, mirror bases, piping systems, recessed grips, snaps, and other auto accessories.

Coating Systems Automotive Coating

  • Decorative coatings for the automotive industry
  • Functional coatings for the automotive industry
  • High glossy coatings for the automotive industry
Coating technologies sector DECORATIVE

Are you satisfied with the surfaces on your coated components?
Could they possibly be more decorative?

Whether it is standard tasks or to individual customer requirements: As a leading company in the field of premium powder coating, Hillebrand Coating is a trusted solution provider for you.

Try to figure out our performance in the sector DECORATIVE

Susanne Meyer zu Natrup Hillebrand Coating

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Susanne Meyer zu Natrup
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Coating technologies sector FUNCTIONAL

Do you develop or optimize parts and components for your customers?
Do you want to adapt a new approach and find the optimal answer to your problem?

With our expertise, we support you in the multifunctional surfaces sector. Together, we will develop effective coating solutions. This way, all the necessary requirements are met, while at the same time, industrial mass production provides an economically viable option. You can benefit from our vast experience and competent professional assistance when solving material science and, in particular, tribological issues.

Discover our performance in the sector FUNCTIONAL

Dr. Achim Schröer Hillebrand Coating

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Dr. Achim Schröer
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ceramHEO® high glossy surfaces

Convincing Appearance and Top Quality

To coat decorative and functional exterior and add-on parts, we use chrome-free pretreatment systems on aluminum and steel substrates. High-quality cathodic electrocoating optimizes corrosion protection. The coating is fully automatic and even, without dripping or run-off marks, and we achieve particular edge coverage with it.

Resistance against Wind and Weather

High- gloss black components present a particular challenge. They are subject to particular stress: they ought to always shine in every climate in the world, be colorfast, stain-resistant, corrosion resistant and remain scratch-free. To deal with these issues, CeramHEO 7.0 was developed. Using this application, the deep black gloss of a vehicle is maintained for its entire lifespan- even before the vehicle reaches its new owner and right through to the end of its lifespan. In daily use, the surface proves particularly hard and scratch-resistant during assembly, handling, and transportation.

Our nano-ceramic topcoat offers significant advantages:

  • High scratch resistance
  • Brilliant gloss
  • Resistance to environmental and weather impact
Bernd Hillebrand Hillebrand Erbslöh Oberflächen

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Bernd Hillebrand
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It's not about the product that we offer - but about the solution the customer needs

Throughout our almost 60-year company history, we have understood one task in particular: transferring a high-quality, special component into highly efficient mass production. Almost daily, we gain new insights into how we can translate our passion for the perfect surface into an economically sound manufacturing process. For this, we need knowledge about both decorative and functional surface technologies. Many years ago, we recognized this and invested heavily in both business sectors, not only in our own technologies and in the development of our own shift systems, but above all in trustworthy and qualified employees and colleagues.


HC individual - Customized solutions for AUTOMOTIVE sector


What does HC Individual represent? It translates into customer-oriented advice throughout the entire product life cycle. It stands for individual attention from the first contact right through to various consultations. It’s about providing you with consistent and comprehensive support throughout the process of surface coating your components. With HC Individual, we at Hillebrand promise you a coating solution that is tailored to your needs.

HC individual for the AUTOMOTIVE sector consists of extensive consulting services. Due to our company’s internal access to the complementary knowledge areas DECORATIVE and FUNCTIONAL, we were able to successfully solve numerous projects already. In our line of work, we increasingly discover economically relevant synergies. After all, what is the point of the most beautiful surface if it barely survives OEM assembly? Benefit from our experience and our consulting expertise for modern surface systems in the automotive sector.

Below you can inspect the HC individual model FUNCTIONAL.

    System Analysis
  • Assessing the task
  • Evaluation of the collective load
  • Materials in the construction
  • Understanding the system - What happens here?
  • Approach development
  • Setting task limitations,
    Clarifying secondary conditions
  • Sampling provision concept
    Sampling Provision
  • Coating of sample components
  • Customer testing phase
  • Test result evaluation
  • Optimization, provision of new samples
    Pre Mass Production Concept
  • Feasibility study
  • Risk assessment
  • Analysis of drawings
  • Transfer to mass production
  • Initial sampling
  • Process audits / process approval
  • Application testing
  • Application facility
  • Framework construction
  • Quality assurance
  • Staff training
  • Customer briefing

Our Experience Means Economical Precision

Through the future-oriented combination of decorative and functional coating processes, we offer you a wide range of customized coating solutions. The special know-how of individual production technologies is reflected in our different coating lines. Our goal: the most efficient and highest-quality mass-producible coating of your customer components. To this end, we employ both vertical and horizontal coating technologies. Painting robots guarantee a high degree of repeatability and a uniform coating process. You will be consistently accompanied by the expertise of our employees to guarantee reliable implementation of your coating requirements.


More Services, More Value

Hillebrand Coating is more than just a surface finishing company. Because more and more companies want a partner who provides everything from a single source. Therefore, we offer a customized service, perfect surface finishings, viable processes and activities along the value chain and outstanding quality.

We tailor everything to your needs. Depending on your individual requirements and needs, we put together a perfect service for you. Using an EDI connection, we link to your computer system, ordering the materials as required, coating and zero error control of the required amounts, assembly, packing and labeling of products and assemblies.


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Are you looking for a reliable partner for your next project or do you have any questions for us? We are always available and look forward to talking to you. Please get in touch with us.

Susanne Meyer zu Natrup Hillebrand Coating

FPC Functional Powder Coating

Susanne Meyer zu Natrup
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Corrosion Protection
NFC® Nano Functional Coating

Dr. Achim Schröer
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