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Germany of the 50s - an entrepreneurial spirit drove many people, new ideas emerged, technical innovations materialized. Hillebrand Coating was established during a time of growth and change. Today, we would consider this a time of "innovation".

Rudolf Hillebrand was captured by this innovative optimism. In 1960, the qualified locksmith founded his own surface finishing company. Full of passion, he strove to develop his company into a thriving and successful business.

Passionate to this very day

Rudolf Hillebrand was convinced he could do better. Better than the large companies with less efficient processing plants and fewer ideas than he and his team.

Since 1960, we have been striving to provide our customers with the best possible solutions at the highest level. Innovative ideas, reliable service, and high quality: This has been Hillebrand Coating’s recipe for success all along.

Hillebrand Coating

Hillebrand Coating has particular expertise in the application and development of sophisticated surface systems. Since 1960, countless customers have benefited from our extensive experience in mass production in the automotive, electrical, energy, medicine, construction, and semis industry.
Under one roof, Hillebrand Coating develops customized coating solutions for industrial applications.
The company is divided into five business sectors: Decorative, Functional, Automotive, Architectural and Services.

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