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The WE at Hillebrand Coating stands for around 250 people. Each individual with his or her own interesting story. Each and everyone with a strong vision for future technologies. Each and everyone with a sense of shared commitment, determination, and passion. We know: Our employees make us successful.

We at Hillebrand Coating would be delighted for you to become a part of our community. That's why we give you the opportunity to find out about current vacancies and training opportunities. We also provide you with tips for crafting a successful job application on our career portal, HC together. For us, a collaborative relationship is always mutual - and that's why we’d like to introduce ourselves and the world of Hillebrand Coating.

Job offers

We are Hillebrand Coating

The WE at Hillebrand Coating stands for around 250 people. We value and promote diversity. In any team, anytime. If our employees know what it means to be the center of attention, he/she understands best what it means to put the customer at the center of our attention and actions. Only this way, big and small innovations can emerge.

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Why to work for Hillebrand Coating?

Why should you opt for HILLEBRAND COATING? Because we love the WE. And you are included in it. We are 60 years of enthusiasm for coating, cutting-edge technology, and a close-knit social community. We work on exciting projects, issues of the future, all with one common goal: to make the world a little better, each day. Together with our customers.

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Application portal

Do you want to be a part of the We at Hillebrand Coating? Then, you are exactly on the right application portal. After all, we want to make the application process as relaxed as possible for both sides. That’s why you’ll find guidelines and tips on how to apply and on candidate interviews. You will find out how we deal with unsolicited applications and get to know our team. We look forward to meeting you!

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Training Opportunities

As a modern and responsible employer, we value staff training. Regardless of whether you're a talented craftsman, precision mechanic or blessed with organizational and communication skills - in each of our apprenticeships, you are well prepared for the future.

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