08. May 2017 L. Wass

Change over to chrome-free pretreatment

Since early 2017, we, at Hillebrand Coating, have changed the pretreatment for aluminum profiles in the business sector architecture to a chromium-free no-rinse process. This environmentally friendly pretreatment method is based on a titanium-polymer complex. Thus, we meet the requirements for the certification of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

The 5 years of outdoor exposure required for compliance with BS EN 12206 and DIN EN 12206 are met and exceeded. Currently, there are weathered samples in the tenth year, and they still meet all the testing criteria. These results are confirmed not only by the chemical manufacturer of the pretreatment baths, but also by the GSB. Consequently, we were the first and only German facade coating company to receive permission to launch a chrome-free pretreatment for the UK market. We also meet the requirements of BS EN 12206.

This way, we can perfectly combine corrosion protection with our love of nature.

Sector: Architecture

Change over date:
Early 2017
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